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Gio Pennacchietti.

phil/poli sci grad in the people's republic of Trudeauland, landscape painter and gonzo philosopher. twitter: my art page:

Content-minded, A Brief Reflection on the 2017 Content Emmys.

Dear Readers, We find ourselves in strange times on the Internet indeed. So strange is the alternative and fringe reaction-spheres and sub-culture twitter ecosystems, so nuanced and Gordian-knot like is their Genealogies, memes and general trajectories. A lot of development has happened online, and a lot more people are genuinely interested in alternative political and cultural worldviews. To me, it seems it started with Gamergate, culminated in the mainstream attention given to the “alternativ

The Foucauldian Cathedral.

When discussing the conceptual linkages Foucault may or may not have to the Right, especially in its more traditionalist and dissident forms, one must contemplate an example of where the modern Right has produced a conceptual framework that is in line with Foucauldian thinking. One that can accommodate the postmodern bracketing of the trans-historical subject, the formalist, humanist, entity that posits subjectivity as a constant, a post-enlightenment view of the subject that Foucault disagrees

Abandoned Dreams, Hopper as the Anti-Rockwell.

It is a cliché to admit the very basic truth that art “represents life”. Rather, art is a window into the varieties of intensities, flows of desires and psychical (dare I say metaphysical) dispositions of a certain episteme. Art not only represents the ages but transforms and explicates the hidden assumptions of those ages that have been caked in a layer of mundane everydayness. Art is a process of fantastical extrapolation of the goings-on behind the veil of the collectively agreed upon consens

Science As Mythos In The Age Of Digitality.

In our hyper digital and “connected” age, millennials are increasingly singing the laments of their forgone childhoods in the 90s. Rather, that little voice of the soul inside of them is screaming out, warning them of the moral and spiritual dangers of the modern world that they so wish to repress and ignore. Spiritual materialism prevents them from heeding such warnings, therefore millennials are caught between a future they instinctively know is heading in a wrong direction, but do not have th

A Cultural Phenomenology Of Urban Exploration.

In recent years, there has been a rather curious phenomenon on the internet of self-professed urban explorers sinking into the very large (or very small) depths of the decaying and forgotten urban wastelands of the Western World. With camera or go-pro in hand, they cover a wide variety of areas, often risking personal health and legal consequences to capture more material, go further into long-abandoned or seemingly untouched areas, and fuel the obsession of gazing into diverse sites from the pa

Foucault, Huxley, And The Conspiracy Worldview

A curious growth in thinking has been presented to modern society since the post-war period; One which consistently serves to reinforce, and at the same time undermine, the epistemological assumptions and societal structures that make up the fabric of modern discourse and political society. This is the phenomenon of conspiracy theory. The term is thoroughly a value-laden word that must be addressed with utmost caution. A naïve or limited Genealogy of such a term could theoretically be possible;