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Walter Devereux

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"Call None Father upon Earth": The Implications of Clerical Celibacy

This article was originally composed to be part of a three-part series on the dangers of clerical celibacy to the preservation of a Christian society. It will be clear from the structure of the argument that the author is not a confessing member of the Roman Catholic Church, and so it is necessary to clearly state here at the beginning that this is meant to be an analysis solely of the practice of clerical celibacy based on a biblical, historical, and sociological basis, and is in no way meant t

Back to Ch'ang-an: The Twilight of Chinese Civilization

Pits of ash not yet cold; rebellion broke out east of Hsiao Mountains: Liu Bang and Hsiang Yü’s illiteracy was revealed -Chang Chieh, Early T'ang Dynasty Comparisons between the Ch‘in Shih Hwang-ti and Mao Tsê-tung are not original—critics of Mao have drawn comparisons to the close-minded and dictatorial fashion of rule of the first emperor and the Cultural Revolution already. Usually, though, these rhetorical attacks are limited to just that: political rhetoric directed against the memory of C

Driving Old Dixie Down: The Fragility of Nationhood

A group of men gather near the park square, their faces covered by bandanas and balaclavas; the police have been warned of what is going to happen and have taken necessary precautions. As the night falls, they move in and begin their destructive work. The police offer no resistance, and in a few hours, their coordinated attack has felled another emblem of a bygone era. No, this is not a mob or even a vigilante gang; they are contractors hired by the city government to remove—over against the pro

Reihan Salam: Decolonizer Of The American Right

In July of last year, our Dear Leader penned a piece asking the question, “Is there a more notable Conservative Wunderkind than Ross Douthat?” Your author has risen to answer this challenge and present for your reading pleasure, none other than Douthat’s own co-author, co-liberal, and we’re-just-chums-I-swear guy friend Reihan Morshed Salam. Salam has had something of a more illustrious career in the last year than Douthat—a nimble Abbott to Douthat’s bumbling Costello, he has somehow managed to

DC On A Balmy Friday: An Anti-Abortion Ally’s Account Of The Embarrassing Failure That Was The 2018 March For Life

Last week your author made an arduous cross-country journey to attend the 2018 March for Life in Washington, DC. What follows here is an attempt at—or perhaps an experiment in—the peculiar type of spirit-conjuring we as a society have come to accept under the title “journalism”. Before leaping in, there is one thing that should be made plain worth mention: dispense with any delusion you may have, dear reader, that the event we are about to revisit is a right-wing event. Pro-Life is a decidedly l

The Barkeep As Guardian of Civilization: Recovering The Lost Art Of Epicurean Mixology

Originally the title for this piece was going to be “How Women Destroyed Drinking,” but in the course of writing, a greater problem seemed to reveal itself and your author felt that perhaps it was best to leave all the misogynistic mansplaining on Thermidor to Billy Pratt. While female empowerment has had a role to play in the decline of enjoying drink as drink, the wider escapism of alcohol consumption is not solely the result of the unrestrained social feminine. Bartenders, who during the midd

Blood, Soil, And Anime: Studio Gainax And German Occultism

Some weeks ago, our friends at Myth of the Twentieth Century did a rather marvellous job examining the activities of the Aum Shinrikyo organisation, particularly the infamous Tokyo Subway attack of 1995. The episode as a whole is excellent, and deserves a complete listen-through (perhaps even before continuing here), but it was an off-hand remark by Adam Smith that spawned the journey we are about to take down the rabbit hole of Anime productions which your author believes to have been deeply in

Silmarils, Synthwave, and Sham Futurism

The final great creative offerings of Faustian man before the snows of civilizational winter begin to descend upon his soul reveal much about what Paul Tillich (indulge your author) referred to as his "ultimate concern." A man in decline, vaguely aware of himself and his coming end, inevitably turns his mind in one of two directions, whose paths he can never hope to tread. Either he embraces his fate, but pines for the magical youth of fantastic ideals and dreams-made-real or he rejects it and