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Giacinto de' Sivo: Enemy of Italian Unification

Having spoken about il Risorgimento and the "partito moderati" in revolutionary Italy before to various degrees, a logical next avenue to pursue is the question of who best epitomizes the intellectual legacy of the Lost Cause of the Italian South. The Lost Cause of the American South had and continues to have various partisans and spokesmen, but the one in Italy is much more sparsely represented. Over 130 years later, Jefferson Davis' The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government (1881) remai

The Patriarch & the Moral Mosquito

There is a lot to be said for perspective, and by that I do not mean opinion, but the position from which one observes; ‘objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear’, that sort of thing. This is important to consider when comparing two individuals and the moral character of their actions, as often those who are foreign to the observer may appear further away and thus their virtues minimized, while the virtues of a rank charlatan who is familiar may be amplified, especially if said charl

"Call None Father upon Earth": The Implications of Clerical Celibacy

This article was originally composed to be part of a three-part series on the dangers of clerical celibacy to the preservation of a Christian society. It will be clear from the structure of the argument that the author is not a confessing member of the Roman Catholic Church, and so it is necessary to clearly state here at the beginning that this is meant to be an analysis solely of the practice of clerical celibacy based on a biblical, historical, and sociological basis, and is in no way meant t

Dead Letters of a Contrarian: On the Career of Christopher Hitchens

The cultus behind the life and work of Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) can only be understood in the context of our fame-obsessed and fundamentally illiterate age. His invocation this past week, in the context of whether Hitch would still be considered hirable by his former employer, the Atlantic Monthly, is a testament to the man’s hold on the intellectual class, even if his work fails to sustain its hold on the intellect. I used to be one of Hitch’s biggest fans. I remember when his last com

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To Liberate From Urbanite Smarm

Let's commit a heresy together. C'mon, it will be fun. Are you ready? Here it goes... New York City is overrated. In fact, New York City sucks. One would be hard-pressed to find a more soulless, globohomo place than the "Big Apple." The very sidewalks reek of careerist and barren women, effeminate, slump-shouldered men, and whining anti-American types who treat our once verdant shores as a monstrous piggy bank. Nerts to all of them! Now, to be fair, New York post-1990 has long been defamed by

The Failure of "Why Liberalism Failed"

The very title of Patrick Deneen’s new book, Why Liberalism Failed requires correction. For liberalism did not fail, it is not failing, and, barring some great inconceivable upheaval, will not fail anytime in the near future. While it’s comforting that scholars are turning their sights to the major problems of liberalism—Deneen’s book sparked informative responses from Adrian Vermeule and David D. Corey over at American Affairs—the book ultimately fails as an indictment of the liberal regime,

Metternich and His Secret Police

This is a belated response to a comment exchange between The Hapsburg Restorationist and Metternichian Theory that took place a few weeks ago, and republished as a standalone post. THR quotes Kuehnelt-Leddihn on Metternich's regime learning too much from the enemy (the Jacobins) and assuming a leftist character in its Polizeistaat nature. I don't think that was the problem with it, however. First, we have to talk about the nature of the Holy Alliance and the concert system that the Metternichian

The Cuck is Vanquished (Again)

You should never kick a man when he is down, but Kevin D. Williamson does not meet my definition of a “man.” To hell with him. Now before commencing the slaughter, it should be stated that Williamson, the former grand poobah of pretension at the irrelevant National Review, takes a very hard line on abortion. Indeed, Williamson’s support for legally executing abortion doctors and the mothers who agree to have their children mutilated is the reason why The Atlantic fired him not too long after hi

The Podcast

Episode 28: Spengler In Bloom Part 2

P.T. Carlo sits back down with Walter Devereaux to finish their discussion of Oswald Spengler's life and ideas.

Episode 27: Spengler In Bloom

P.T. Carlo sits down with Walter Devereux to discuss the life and times of the very misunderstood Oswald Spengler