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Fernando Pessoa’s Mystical Nationalism

“God wills, man dreams, the work is born.” The opening lines of Fernando Pessoa’s poem “Prince Henry the Navigator” invoke what Pessoa himself termed “mystical nationalism.” Like Pessoa himself, this term has various and multi-faceted meanings. On the one hand, a biographical note left behind by Pessoa defined a “mystical nationalist” as a man against Communism and Socialism. This man also holds views that are deeply “anti-reactionary.” How can this be, especially given Pessoa’s poetic odes t

1789 – The Long Romance Of Socialism And Liberal Democracy

The philosopher-historian par excellence of Western Civilisation, Oswald Spengler, noted that there is no proletarian, not even a communist, movement that does not serve the interests of ‘money’ and ‘in the direction indicated by money’. He pointed out that this is so because ‘socialism’ of the class struggle variety arises from the same Zeitgeist. Julius Evola said much the same. The correspondence of Marx with Engels and others shows how thoroughly bourgeois Marx yearned to be. The distraction

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Episode 10: New Sincerity

P.T. Carlo and Samuel J Stevens sit down to discuss the state of contemporary literature, the future of publishing and lessons from military history

For the Critics of Katie Hopkins, Ignorance Is Strength

Yesterday English newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins made the mistake of telling the truth, and what is worse, she did it on live television. For this unspeakable crime, Hopkins has been assailed from all corners with children’s book author and newfound geopolitical analyst, and amateur historian J.K. Rowling comparing her to a “Nazi Appeaser.” Hopkins’ crime was stating the obvious; namely that despite the trite happy talk coming out of Westminster about the U.K. being “uncowed” and “united” the