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Justice and Judgement Among the Eloi

Language is a strange thing as one observes its shifts, its ebbs and flows both reflect and alter the social realities it expresses. Consider, for instance, the German Recht and English “right”. Both words originate (along with the Latin rectus) as “clear in direction, straight”. Throughout the Indo-European languages, though, it (universally) came to mean something far more profound—a directing force, the correct way of doing something. For the Germanic people, this was related to hands and fig

Fascism, Real or Pretended: We Are on Our Own

We on the right owe something to the leftist mob that, with the assistance and connivance of the state and local authorities, assaulted the lawfully and peacefully assembled protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia last August 13th. Thanks to the Antifas, whatever fleeting illusions or fantasies we may have nurtured about living in a society where there are institutions to protect people who dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy have evaporated. Charlottesville was a watershed 21st century moment

On Royal Prerogative

How do the stewards of the federal government in America plan their budget? It's not a trivial question to answer. The President submits a budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. Congress, both House and Senate concurrently via the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations (in turn divided into 12 subcommittees), then proceed to draft a budget resolution. It is not considered a bill, so it is not presented for a presidential signature, nor can it be vetoed. It passes on a majority vote

Twin Peaks: The Return

Here be S P O I L E R S: Returning after a 25 year hiatus—a span of time explicitly referred to in the season two finale of Twin Peaks—Twin Peaks: The Return has concluded with a finale as audacious and enigmatic as the one we were left with 25 years back. While the finale could be analyzed as a legitimate cinematic unit unto itself, I will use it as the jumping off point for my reflections on the entire new season. The Return presents a collision of worlds. Times have changed. Lynch has evolved

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The Quiet Death of High Toryism

A thorough draining of the swamp in America, or in just about any other country, would unavoidably require a certain degree of repression beyond the more basic things like lustration of civil servants. In any state of emergency, dissent is intolerable. Outlawing of combinations, acts against political meetings and clubs -- these were all completely normal tools used by Pitt the Younger, Metternich, Guizot and others to maintain a grip in the midst of tumult. However, such seeming acts of right-w

Charlottesville: The Left in Excelsis

Looking through video footage of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” demonstrations and the Antifa/BLM reaction covered by Left, Right and supposedly “neutral” mainstream news media, some salient points arise that are applicable the world over: the crapoid Left seem to at least have the self-realisation that they are deeply flawed and project their flawed traits onto Rightists. They are impelled to rage with frustration due to their own inadequacies; the Right tend to maintain good humour. The

The Myth of the Socially Conservative Old Left

Pareto said that history is the graveyard of aristocracies. It is also the graveyard of right-wing political hopes. Postcolonialisms, critical theories of race, of sex; reader-response theories; one-dimensional men, 888-dimensional men; dialectics of enlightenment, enlightenments of dialectic; queer deconstructionists and undeconstructed queers (we have too many of those) -- what is a helpless observer to do, but yell "Damn you to hell, Christ-killing Jew"? The vagaries of the biological process

Idolaters at the Freedom Shrine

We have spoken a lot in the past about the liberal progressive being a quintessentially religious being, as was recognized by Moldbug et al. This astute observation recognizes that liberal ideals form their own kind of dogma and function as a social religion, performing the same functions that any normal religion would, in placing restrictions on what is acceptable, branding heretics, and announcing the absolutes to which men must aspire. We have also mentioned that while most today don’t even r

The Podcast

Episode 22: The Great Trumplosion

There were no brakes on the Trump Train but it appears it finally ran out of track. P.T. Carlo, Hans Lander and Alex Nicholson discuss.

Episode 21: Disaster in Charlottesville

P.T. Carlo sits down with Kantbot to discuss the disaster in Charlottesville and related issues.