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Materialism, Truth, And Power

A hallmark of our Modern world is the belief that nothing except physical matter exists, or conceivably can. The materialist world-view regards the transcendent, the eternal, and the Divine as ridiculous pre-scientific superstition, and religion as extremely dangerous to public order. Anybody who admits to believe in God or otherwise expresses an interest in the spiritual side of life is liable to be at once derided as a laughably soft-headed fool and a dangerous subversive obviously plotting wi

Engelbert Dollfuss And The Tragedy Of Interwar Austria

Austria sits alongside most of Europe’s nations as being an afterthought in contemporary education on the subject of WWII and the events that precipitated it. We know that Nazi Germany effectively foisted the Anschluss upon them, and thus Austria was incorporated into the Third Reich. Other than that, Austria’s interwar history is unfairly brushed off as not being worthy of note. As much as Germany’s economy was in ruins after WWI, Austria’s was in many ways worse. The collapse of the Austro-Hu

The Blog

Episode 7: The Bannoning

P.T. Carlo and Mark Citadel discuss our friend in the White House, Steve Bannon and his worldview.

Socon Signaling

There are few constants in this short life, but among them are death, taxes and mainstream conservatives vainly signaling to their Liberal peers (betters?) that they too are good boys who are in no way a “racist” or a “Nazi.” There are many examples of this, which occur primarily among (but certainly aren’t limited to) conservative media types who work at Liberal publications. Social Cons, i.e. people like Michael Brendan Dougherty, Ross Douthat, and Rod Dreher, in particular, seem to have an af